Electrnics Supply Chain

Supply Chain Solutions

VSG is your supply chain management specialist. We offer a variety of custom programs to fit your companies’ needs. VSG will analyze your systems and processes and put together a custom supply chain solution for you.

In addition, VSG provides customers with a full range of display products as well as Engineering Services, Manufacturing, Integration and Lifecycle Management.

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    KANBAN is a two/ three bin system that provides continuous product supply. One bin on the factory floor, one bin in the factory store room and one bin at VSG. KANBAN improves efficiency, maximizes productivity and reduces on-site inventory. VSG can help support your KANBAN system by stocking the necessary product to back up your bin system.
  • Kitting
    VSG can design custom kits that have all the necessary product to do a build, this maximizes production and reduces product shrinkage and reduces material procurement costs of ordering a large number of components from multiple vendors.
  • Just-In-Time Delivery Program
    VSG will stock the necessary product to provide a true just in time delivery program. The JIT program reduces the customer’s inventory carrying costs and maximizes product inventory turns.
  • 3PL Programs
    VSG can put together a customized 3PL program to fit the customer’s logistical needs. This allows the customer to focus on their core business while VSG provides the logistical needs such as warehousing, transportation, inventory management and packaging.
  • Spot Buy Program
    Send VSG your immediate demand and we will leverage real-time market fluctuations and capture immediate savings based on market changes.
  • 80/20 Program
    Typically 80% of the cost drivers in your project come from 20% of the items. Give us your cost drivers and VSG will leverage our global sourcing relationships and provide a cost reduction strategy for each item.
  • Obsolete and End of Life Program
    The lifecycle of electronic product is not infinite, as technology progresses, manufacturer make products obsolete. VSG can help customers negotiate last time buys, stock end of life components to help the customer mitigate capital out-lay, and allow more time for redesign.