What are the benefits of outsourcing electronic product development?

Original Equipment Manufacturers  of electromechanical assemblies, wire harnesses, cable assembles, and even box builds face unique challenges during every aspect of production.  Having the right partner through this process is critical in avoiding costly mistakes.

Challenges and Drawbacks of doing every step of electronic product development and manufacturing in-house:

  • Higher facility overhead, including additional required inventory
  • Additional manufacturing space
  • Quality and manufacturing standards and certification cost and upkeep
  • Additional equipment expenses/maintenance/training
  • More trained/skilled labor required

In-house manufacturing can often drift out of the expertise “sweet spot” for OEM’s and quickly drive costs out of control.  What begins as a promising opportunity can quickly turn into a low margin resource hog, or even worse, lost business and a wasted investment.  Strategic outsourcing can cut cost, improve quality, and speeds up delivery times.

Outsourcing Electromechanical Assemblies: What should you want from a partner?

When deciding which portion of a business unit or project to outsource, original equipment manufacturers cover fundamental areas of a given project or technology and decide which pieces of the puzzle are fundamental to the business and best align with their capabilities, resources, and expertise.  Quite often, producing and completing inventory for every electronic component down to the smallest wire or fastener is usually not included.

If you are looking for a capable supplier of electrical components, it is important to choose a company that not only maintains industry standard, internal quality assurance, and auditing programs, but is subject to regular onsite inspections and outside audits. All of the above are indicative of a company with the quality assurance needed in the electromechanical assembly industry.

Benefits of Working with Visiontech.

As our customers gradually outsource an increasing portion of their non-core manufacturing needs, Visiontech has become a reliable partner and a extension of their manufacturing operations. Outsourcing enables our partners to leverage Visiontech’s experience with technology, production methodologies, and its specialized, trained workforce. They can also benefit from Visiontech’s expertise in solving problems for a variety of clients with similar requirements despite being from different industries.

A few ways Visiontech will boost your business:

  •            Freeing up your resources to perform core functions
  •            Rapid product development, increasing start-up and time to market
  •            Eliminating supply chain roadblocks, strategic sourcing
  •            Operating in a lower cost geographic locations
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