VSG Introduces Custom Gaming Slot Cabinet Development

TROY, VA – Visiontech Sales Group, a premier solutions provider for electronic product development and manufacturing, has announced it’s entry into the custom electronic gaming slot cabinet industry.

VSG’s custom slot cabinet and gaming solutions will come with a variety of configuration options.  Customers can specify slot cabinet design, touch screen, display, control panels, graphics, lighting, CPU, and much more.  Additional options for complete gaming solutions includes bill validators and optimization for multiple payment configurations.  

 “Custom gaming slot cabinets are more technologically advanced than ever.  From raw computing power to increased efficiency, gamers and casinos driving demand of this $160 billion global revenue stream.  Our ability to not only design these complex machines, but to source the right combination of components and ensure the lowest operational costs for the customer is our key advantage,” says Jym Muller, VP Operations.  “Instead of gaming guys trying to navigate the modern global electronic component supply chain, we’re coming the opposite direction.  Having a history of developing complex electronic solutions for a variety of applications, custom gaming cabinets is an excellent combination of out company’s unmatched capabilities.”  The slot cabinets will be designed and engineered at the VSG headquarters in Troy, VA.  

To find out more about VSG’s custom gaming slot cabinet design and manufacturing capabilities, click here.

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