Expert Solutions for Advanced Devices in Various Industries

VSG combines years of electronics assembly and product development resources and knowledge to serve our target industries across a wide range of applications.  From stringent guidelines and certifications to ruggedization and advanced features, we can help you develop a solution that fits.  No matter where you are in the design or development process, it’s right time to find the right partner.

Industrial Electronics Components and Solutions

VSG can support the OEM and the CM in the industrial market with global product sourcing, supply and supply chain solutions.

Industrial Electronic Solutions

Medical Device and Equipment Solutions

VSG can provide the medical customer the electronic design and manufacturing support with the FDA Class I, II and III product certifications.

Medical Electronics Solutions

Casino Gaming Cabinet Solutions

VSG can provide all the components you need in the gaming market including the cabinet, single board computers, and touch screen displays.

Gaming Industry Electronic Solutions

Consumer Product Solutions

VSG can support the consumer market by leveraging the global market and provide world class pricing.

Consumer Electronic Solutions